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Rimmed soap

My love for rimmed soap continues. From the black and white soap that I did a while ago I cut off the tops, they were not even. Unable to throw those away I made some rimmed soap.
And I must say in my wonderful Japanese molds it is a joy to make soap. They unmold so easily!

I wanted to show another shot of the rim of the soap, but my camera has decided to start making problems…

Coco-Soybean-Canola-Cocoa butter-Castor
Salt-Chickpea water

Scent: Grapefruit-Lilly with a bit of Fresh Snow, both BB

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Gingerbread box

Unable to throw anything away that can be used for soaping, these ones were made in a gingerbread box (in this way it at least had one good thing to say about it, the gingerbread was horrible, I have never had something so utterly inedible).

Gentle colors with a calm and peaceful scent

Salt-Sugar-Chickpea water
Scent: Bergamot black tea with Rise and Shine – both BB

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Dumpster diving

While bringing out the trash I saw someone had thrown away a wooden wine bottle box. Dumpster diving!
So happy!

The only drawback is that it is quite large, but at the moment I am in a crazy soaping mode, nothing can stop me 🙂

From time to time I see soaps that are stamped with words. As I love books, the written word, it seems amazing that it took me so long to finally do it.
Probably because I don’t like inanimate objects to tell me what to do or what to think … but then I thought I will write words intended as wishes to the people using it. Something that anyone can need, love, happiness, joy and, as it is for Christmas: silence/calm/quietness.

Joy and love

Silence and happiness

Silence and joy

Here I prepared a small amount of soap batter to fill out the letters. I liked them as they were, but they were a bit hard to see. It was 30g of batter (Safflower and Olive).

Salt-Sugar-Chickpea water-Poppy seeds
Fragrance: sea moss, rise and shine and orange groove – all BB

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Honey bee

It seems to be a new trend that you can buy chocolate Christmas figures. At least I hadn’t really noticed until last year. I remember standing in a queue waiting for the checkout and noticing that those chocolate things stand in a really nice plastic tray that is perfect for soap.
Of course this year I also re-arranged that display to take two of these trays. I asked first and they were happy to give it to me, one less piece to put to trash.

The other side is without pattern so that calls for a stamp.

Coco-Canola-Soybean-Shea butter-Castor
Salt-Sugar-Chickpea water-Honey
Scent: Wildflower honey BB – a delightful honey fragrance

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Some more winter trees

Wanting to do some more winter trees, having some ideas rolling around in my head and in the course of that all discovering how difficult it seems to be for me to calculate the volume of a prism… nevertheless I somehow muddled through

That one definitely needed a stamp. Of all the processes that I have tried in the last weeks (own little amount of batter and oil with mica) the one with alcohol with mica worked best for me. Not the best with a paint brush, but somehow I managed.
I tried to get the snow effect by adding some coarse salt into the batter. But unfortunately that didn’t work out. Have to do some more research on that.

And some batter left over for my other self-made molds

Coco-Macadamia-Peanut-Cocoa butter-Castor
Fragrance: Sparkling snowdrops BB

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Pine cones – not pine cones

In my youth there was a popular air refresher, it was in a ghastly green spray can which already warned you about things to come. When used you had a sudden death wish or at least hoped that your sense of smell would die quickly.
After all those years I can still recall that smell …
Ever since I have a pine smell trauma.
Of course that didn’t keep me from buying the mold. After leaving it lying around and questioning my sanity I decided to buy “Cedar + Amber” from Bramble Berry.

This is actually a very gentle smell, wonderfully subtle.
I added a bit of brown, not the biggest lover of brown soap, but what other color could they possibly be …
And as they are quite large they have a little string to hang them up.

Enough batter for my sweet little dog, the mold that I made myself.

Coconut-Canola-Cocoa butter-Castor
Salt-Sugar-Chickpea water
Scent: Cedar + Amber BB