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Stone obsession

Every time I cut too much off a soap I try my hand at stone making. Bit obsessed with those.
So far I have not yet been able to do something that really excites me, but well, you gotta leave some space to grow …

No idea anymore from which soap these scraps came …

But I will continue 🙂

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Lovely lavender

Lovely lavender, always works in soap and creams …
I have a sort of love-hate relationship with lavender. Love it, but can only stand it in small quantities.
So when I ordered some lavender scents from Bramble berry I was not too sure about the “Lavender Forest”. But it turns out its really nice in soap. It takes the annoying edge of lavender away and leaves you with a nice scent.

I had seen the inserts with the cut mats here

Those are seriously nice. I feel that mine falls very short of that…

So fearing the outcome I decided to do a nice back of the soap

Both sides are nice, all is well

Coco-Canola with stinging nettle infusion-Peanut-Cocoa butter-Castor
Scent: Lavender forest with a bit of Lavender Green Tea (Both BB)

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A soaper showed some red soap. Giving the name of the mica: Fiery fusion.
I immediately bought it, only to discover that I already had it … oh well, some people have such a soap obsession that they cant even keep track of all the thousand things already bought …

The fragrance is unfortunately horrible in soap and it made fragrance pockets. So it is unusable … but I wanted to show it nevertheless for the color.
The powder looks quite pink, that is why I never used it. But it gives a nice darkish red, so all is well in the end.

Fiery fusion by U-Makeitup

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Winter trees

A picture I saw on Instagram made me want to do a certain design. Unfortunately I did not bookmark it or anything and now can’t quote, sorry for that!
Those things mostly just “roll around” in my head, occupy my thoughts, I turn them and look at them from every angle and then sometimes out comes my own interpretation:

Maybe this is a good time to talk about copying and stuff.
I found that it does not work for me to copy something one on one. I can’t do it, meaning the result is never like the one I am aspiring to and also it leaves me empty. To copy is some sort of admiration, flattery maybe, but in the end it is stale and meaningless.

But what we do is give inspiration to one another.
Looking at someones work you think: this is really great! Look at the colors, the design, the texture!
How can I use that idea in my own style. What would my result be?
And sometimes, or maybe most of the time, something completely different emerges, something that has to do with you, with how you think, what you are.

And sometimes you look at something and you are just speechless, in awe. And you know not in a million years you could do something like that.
And that is also ok. You are happy for the other person who did such a great thing.
And you know yours is not less, your place is where you are right now and all is well.

So that idea rolled around in my mind, slowly taking shape. Then I set to it in my own style: not completely thought through, a bit too lazy to think about every aspect, doing things and repairing errors on the fly.
But for that … I must say, I am very happy with the outcome.

First the insert in a tall and skinny.
Then the step that I feared very much: cutting the inlay with the trees to size.
The straight line and me we have never met. It completely avoids entering my life. If someone pointed a gun to my head I would not be able to do a straight line.
But well, they are probably overrated (ha!)
There is no straight line in nature (I try to console myself)

So after the cutting came the calculation of how much batter would I need. The process was highly scientific, meaning I thought: how much coco do I have, with my usual percentage that is the amount of batter I can do.
So of course for the second loaf I had VERY much too little. Was really angry at myself …

But actually its now the soap I like better 🙂

A long time of scraping out every container resulted in some sort of coverage. And I do like how it goes with the shape of the tree. And that strange outline around every tree, very funny!

Coco-Canola-Rice bran-Shea butter-Castor
Fragrance: a mix of Blue Angel Baby and Berries and Clove (GF)

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Cloud soap – again

Clouds fascinate me – how they constantly change, how they move, their shapes and colors. They are sky decoration.

So another cloud soap

The mold is self built.
And, as happens so often with the sculpting soap technique, I took too much of the white batter away. I wanted it to be more cloud and less blue sky.
But well, it obviously wanted to come out this way and I am ok with it.

Amazing is the smell!
What do clouds smell of?
I guess nothing and everything that you want.
Mine smell of Grapefruit-Lily with a rest of Beach Breeze (both BB)
I was very intrigued: Grapefruit with Lily? What a strange combination! I just ordered it out or curiosity. But I love, love that scent!

I also put too much TO on purpose, wanted glycerin rivers to give the clouds some more texture.

Coco-Canola-Rice bran-Cocoa butter-Castor

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Mountain soap – take 2

When I started making soap I was intrigued by certain patterns and designs. Of course I didn’t have the experience or the knowledge, but that didn’t keep me from trying. After three weeks of heavy thinking I came up with this one:

If there is an easy and a hard way to do something I will for sure find another even more difficult third way to do it. Unfortunately my thinking process is mostly too complicated. I stand in my way too often.
So this was a column and the white was done with a partition.
I am still quite proud of this one 🙂

But yesterday I had a brain wave while cutting my triangle soap.
And I remembered the sculptured layers I learned at Greatcakessoapworks. The insanely talented Claudia Carpenter was showing it (her blog is The idea is genius and gives endless possibilities. But I had fallen in love with her design of the wave soap. So that was the one I was doing.

It is still beautiful one year after. One of the soaps I will always keep one for myself.

So I used this technique to make my mountain soap – take 2:

First construct a triangle mold. This is easy.

The Japanese love poems are to keep the back of the mold straight. Who would have thought how handy they come 🙂

While taking this picture you realize that you have forgotten the template. Work another hour or so on constructing this little thing. Amazing how difficult something so easy can be for some people …

Because you took so long the oils and lye are perfectly cool and you can pour the first layer.

You take the template and scrape out the batter. Its harder to explain than to do. You pull the template over the batter and it makes the pattern. It leaves you with some extra batter but I made some hearts and filled other molds.

Then you pour the second layer

Then comes the horrible long wait for the soap to harden. I usually try to leave the soap inside the mold until I feel that the saponification process has more or less finished, but not with this one. This poor one had to come out and be cut at the first possible moment.

Then I remembered that I have the perfect little stamp for it …

Scent: Made to measure (BB) with a bit of Lemon Zest (GF)