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Macadamia oil

For some time I have been playing with macadamia oil. Love it in soap!

It will be quite darkish when you pour it, I didnt like that color at all, but it lightens quite quickly. Makes a hard, wonderful bar.
Here I tried my first Brambleberry scent, unfortunately I am not too impressed with it …

But love the uneven line, even more than those exact pencil lines.
Cat also is happy with it 🙂

Coco-Almond-Macadamia-Rice bran-Mangobutter-Castor-Jojoba beads
Fragrance: Energy (BB)

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Milk and Honey

Another favourite: milk and honey

Usually I mix dried goats milk to the oils, but here I had some frozen milk cubes left over. These I used in place of water for the lye. One has to be careful not to let that heat up too much, so in the freezer with it for a short time.
Something else that I read on Facebook and that has served me wonderfully: if you have a fast acting fragrance, mix it first with the same amount of oils (take it from the cooled down, melted oils) and then stir it with a spatula into the batter. It will give you a limited amount of time for designs. Works wonderful!
Have been testing it with some of the more stubborn ones and all went well.

Fragrance: Spiced Lingonberry (GF)

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Always loved them.
Not only as a child, when you see monsters, animals, things, but also now. Spectacular forms, lovely colors, always different, always changing.

Many times already I have made some kind of cloud soap.

For this one I was especially excited. Nearly killed me to let the cp cloud cure.
Finally decided it was enough (of course much too early), poured some mp. Took it out of the mold too early … well … some day I will be patient. I am certain I can also be patient…

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My first all alone formulated recipe!

Whipping mango and cocoa butter, with murumuru and some oils into a wonderful fluffy concoction that melts on your skin!
I am not someone who needs a lot of lotions and oils, but this is magnificent, luxurious …

Mango butter, cocoa butter, murumuru butter, argan oil, rice bran oil, almond oil, cetyl alcohol, xyliance, water, conservation
Scented with Blue Angel from Gracefruit. A fresh, clean, citrussy scent that I like

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Birds at sea

Still trying to find out how to use melt and pour with cold process …
There seem to be many possibilities … one is for my favourite soaps: rimmed soaps.
The rim is m+p and inside is cp.
I poured a thin layer of m+p, cut out the birds and filled them with the green color.
Then cut them to put them inside a pringles can and fill them with cp soap.

Which, by the way, turned out to be some kind of soap dough prototype. Meaning it didnt get hard for a long, long time. No idea why …
And, its not really good for dough projects, as it is too sticky.

Melt and pour-Coco-Canola-Hazelnut-Safflower-Cocoa butter-Castor
Fragrance: Green Tea (GF)