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White brown

Always trying to push myself to try colors I don’t like so much. Or rather, do any color besides blue-green-black …

This one can be called brown, or maybe pumpkin is a better non-brown word for it (don’t like brown soaps).
Love those irregular pencil lines.
The simplicity of it delights me

And … with the cling wrap technique: so many different stamps!

Coco-Hazelnut-Canola-Mango butter-castor
Scent: Nights on Bali/Green tea

Rezepte - Recipes · Seife - Soap · Soap Stamps

Blue Grey

Another one of these reduced soaps. The pictures don’t do it justice. It has a lovely coloring of darker blue-light blue-grey.

Also one where the fragrance reacted too fast. Wasn’t really prepared for that, as grapefruit for me is usually a very nicely behaving scent, but this one was in a hurry!

And the real reason I am showing these, is to talk about stamping with cling wrap.
I heard about it already some time ago. For some reason I didn’t like the idea.

But really! Try it!
I have been able to use all my “problematic” stamps, nothing sticks, everything works really, really great.

The only downside I can find is that the stamp might not be as clear as it can be. But surely no one besides you will notice that. And, speaking of me, not so many, many soaps ruined with bad stamping.
So alone that is more worth than anything.
I am so lousy at stamping that this really saves me!

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Blue white stone

The scent of Behawe called Ginko-Lime is a wonderful fresh one. For some reasons it sometimes misbehaves in a very violent way… then the only thing you can do is a forceful spoon swirl.
But as it didn’t happen for the first time, I know that those soaps are a bit like precious stones, once you start using them. So I actually like that a lot.

Scent: Ginko-Lime (Behawe)

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Purple white

A new impression mat I was very excited to get. When I unmolded … not so. Its not deep enough to make a really clear and nice impression.

I built my own mold as I didn’t want to cut it, out came strange sized soap pieces
But the smell, oh, the smell! Freesia with violet. Which sounds strange, but makes a wonderful flowery, old fashioned smell. Love it!

And while cleaning the bars, it occurred to me to just turn them, and instead of flat bars have a high, elegant bar!

Works for me 🙂

Coco-Rice bran-Peanut-Almond-Cocoa butter-Castor
Scent: Freesia/Violet (Behawe)

As expected the flowery smells accelerate like mad, a good tip is to mix the amount of fragrance with the same amount of oils and with a spatula stir that in once you have everything else ready (colored)

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Gentle – nearly too gentle …
but nice, calm, serene

At the moment I use a lot of macadamia oil. Love it in soap!
Unfortunately it turns the soap a bit brownish, or to put it into nicer terms: tan.
Not the biggest fan of that. But for macadamia I am willing to overlook a lot

Coco-Almond-Macadamia-Mango butter
Scent: Mangosteen/Lemon zest

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Australian black clay

The longer you make soaps, the more you try to use natural ingredients.
Australian black clay seemed like a good idea, had to buy one kilo, which will probably last me the next 10 years. But the soap came out really lovely so I am very happy to have it.

As it was going to be a manly soap I added menthol. I had this urge for the coolness of it. It seems I need to add more. But with those things it’s always better to be safe than sorry …

As a result of my poor photographic skills this looks very grey, but it’s actually quite dark, nearly black.

Done in a milk bottle, that is why the edges are a bit wonky, funnel pour
Very much in love with funnel pour. The unpredictability of it, the interesting patterns

Coco-Babassu-Canola-Rice bran-Menthol-Australian black clay
Scent: Moroccan mint/Fierce type (both BB)