Needle felting


Daruma doll
usually made of paper mache, it’s a round, hollow, Japanese doll.
They are mostly red but they can come in many colors, red for good luck and fortune, green for good health, white to start something new…

When you buy one the eyes are all white, you fill in one with a black spot and with it you select a goal or a wish. Once you have reached what you desire you fill in the second eye.

Of course this idea was just a starting point. It was clear it would be changed, I am not Japanese, although I find myself drawn to a lot of the symbolism and art, I am me and my Daruma will end up being different.

He is about 9 cm tall and about 6cm in circumference.

And it’s a truly grey and gloomy day here, so the light is just horrible.
But I do hope 2018 will bring the fruition of my wish …

All the best to you, my dear Reader, may your year 2018 be filled with light, laughter, fun and joy!

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New Year’s Eve Soap

One last soap for 2017

A simple one, no big design, just soap, pure and nice.

But, of course, the fragrance had its own idea. It had something of sculptural forming (if such a word exists). I could do something I had never been able to do in my whole “soaping” life: build it up on one side of the mold without any dividing elements (see the blue mold on the left)

Despite working with cooled off oils and lye and only hand stirring the fragrance in.

Now, after 10 minutes of pouring it, it is already in full gelling mode. I guess I can unmold in about 1 hour as soon as it has cooled off, hahaha

But the fragrance is lovely: orange with some fruit and some spices. Sleigh ride by BB. Its one of the many Christmas fragrances that I found after Christmas (I had ordered them very early and then forgot about them)

I hope 2018 will be more successful (although I still have those other Christmas fragrances to use 🙂 )

Coco-Peanut-Hazelnut-Cocoa butter-Castor-Salt
Fragrance: Sleigh ride by BB

Needle felting

Sleeping mouse

As I dont feel like making soaps at the moment I have decided to learn some more about needle felting. So far everything was by trial and error, I am not a big YouTube watcher, but someone suggested the insanely talented Sara Renzulli, she has many tutorials online and very generously shares her knowledge.

Check it out: Sarafina Fiber Art

I love her work and decided to follow her sleeping mouse tutorial

Sleeping mouse tutorial, Sarafina Fiber Art

Mine took much longer than those 39 minutes she needs. But I’ve learned a lot and will continue to practice and learn.

I’ve added some front legs, although one cant see it in my pictures, a shawl and some snack, for when she wakes up

Sleeping mouse2

She is about 10cms tall and psst! let’s leave her to sleep

Sleeping mouse1

Needle felting


Some years ago I had a squirrel that visited my balcony. It was amazing to see it so close, but it tore apart my plants several times. After some necessary changes to deal better with the strong wind, it couldn’t come anymore (and to be honest, I am not too unhappy). But, in honor, I made a squirrel


Needle felting

In memory

I’ve decided to show what I already did some years ago, in memory of my dogs… although here you can only see one, its for both of them.



Watched over by a gnome and some small moomin figurines that I still have to paint, they sleep.

Both have a nice little blanket or basket


Needle felting

Winter gnome

It’s been a bit quiet on my blog lately. Busy with Christmas preparations and after a bit of “too much” of soap in my near past, I feel that I need to rest a bit and get new energy to start the next season.

In the meantime I have gone back to one of my old loves: needle felting.
Already for several years I am doing a bit of it, on and off. Mostly frustrated that the idea in my head never materializes, and that always something else pushes to the surface. But I have made peace with it. Those in my head might be someone else’s idea, something I saw, but the result is always purely me. And that is ok.

I’ve always liked gnomes. They can be terribly, gut wrenchingly kitschy, but I still love them. Mostly secretly, because my immediate surrounding doesn’t approve …

For some reason they wanted an acorn for the tip of their hats …

Enjoy the last days of November!

Update 26.12.17

I’ve decided to make some small adjustments … the eyes, the spiral of the belt and then I was thinking to add a lower lip, but that one didnt look right. So that’s how he looks now




He sits on some concrete experiments of late …