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Coco Tree

I’ve had a request for some more of (nearly) pure coco soap, no color, no scent.
With a high amount of super fat its a lovely foamy soap.
Unable to do soap just in one color with no playing, I added poppy seeds. This has resulted in a calm light grey. I don’t think the picture does it justice, it’s a lovely elegant soap with my favourite tree stamp.

Coco-Babassu-Castor-Poppy seeds

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Deo stick

Some years ago I saw a documentary about aluminium use in cosmetics. Right away I decided to start doing my own cosmetics. A journey that has led me also to soap making.
As it turned out I have VERY sensitive arm pits and can endure nearly nothing. No baking powder, no scent, nearly nothing.
Luckily I dont smell a lot, but still something is needed at some times.

Now I have arrived at this

3 little deo sticks (each 15 ml) are:

5 g coco
5 g babassu
5 g oil (for this batch I used calendula oil)
10 g cera bellina
3 g zinc oxide

This time I also added a soap nut tincture that I had. It was mentioned in a product and I immediately wanted to try it. Honestly I cannot say if it brings anything to the deo, but it also doesnt bother 🙂

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For some reason I seem to have lost my feverish excitement for making soap. Probably normal after some high comes some low … but this soap was like in the “old” times. Loved making it and love everything about it.

It’s one of those without color and scent, for the people with sensitive skin.

Calendula. Since I started making cosmetics and soap I have fallen deeply in love with calendula. What a beautiful and enchanting flower that brings such powerful healing!

Calendula 1

Here it is calendula with also some flower petals on the bottom. The pencil line is made with curcuma. The top is plain soap.

Calendula 2

Coco-Rice bran-Peanut-Cocoa butter-Castor-Calendula-Curcuma

Seife - Soap


For some time now I have been playing with melt and pour. As an addition to cp soap it opens some interesting possibilities. I still have a lot to learn, they behave so different, to bring them together and have them do what I want can be a challenge. But I love challenges, so that is fine.
Here is a pure m+p because I wanted to try water soluble paper. Make a special soap for some cat lovers … but first comes the testing.

The pictures are tiles, they are part of a royalty free collection of the Metropolitan museum. You can see more here

Water soluble paper


New molds

Made some new molds.
Used ZA 13 from Polymer Replication ( Their silicone is very easy to work with and if one is able to think properly and plan ahead then the thing is easy and goes beautifully (wanting say with that: didn’t think properly and didn’t plan properly, but still, it worked!)

A scottish terrier


and a rabbit for easter

Easter rabbit

Easy to make, gives good results, throw it into the dish washer when you’re done. It’s easy to do!